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Let’s bring your receipts to life.

Give your customers a world-class post-purchase experience and get a new, highly effective marketing channel.

  • Identify: Pinpoint your customers and their buying habits with Esaal's advanced digital receipts, enhancing customer profiling and behavioral insights.

  • Connect: Link in-store transactions with our seamless Plug-in, ensuring real-time data integration and accessibility.

  • Measure: Determine the effectiveness of your digital receipt campaigns.
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It works. We’ve got the receipts.

23 X

Yearly receipts sent from over 15k stores across the world.

30 %

Opt-in rate for digital receipts at checkout.

70 %

Open rates for our digital receipts.

20 %

Click through rate on our digital receipts.

Empowering engagement and insights with Esaal

More than Digital Receipt

Impress your customers with a post-purchase experience starting with a digital receipt that has elements from all your touchpoints – online, offline, ads and more.

Omnichannel Marketing

With open rates of 60% +, extend the conversation with your customers beyond the store by opening up an engaging post-purchase channel.

Analyse and optimise

Unlock comprehensive insights into your most valuable customers with Esaal's merchant dashboard. Our platform empowers you to analyze customer interactions and transactions, enabling targeted optimization strategies that enhance customer engagement.

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Unlock the power of e-receipts and data analytics.